We are HubRoad

Our mission

We believe that people should work from everywhere they can. In short, to be location independent is to be free and dynamic in a way that contributes all. location-independent employees avoid traffic, they can be measured with their productivity, they can travel a lot more, have more fun and be more grateful to their employer. They can experience other cultures more deeply, and in many cases, employees can choose to travel to cheap countries and even save money while they travel.

Our goal is to help companies manage the location independent lifestyle of their employees, and maximize the benefits for the employees from it.

We care to supply updated valuable information on destinations and give employees the platform for creating social connections for the travel. we care to help companies to overcome the bureaucracy and consider all legal aspects of employees working from different countries. Finally, we care to ensure that companies gain credit from their employees for acting on their behalf.

Founders and Consultants

Ron Zehavi

Founder & CEO Has a business strategy developing background, 5 years of project management experience, and specialization in conducting professional training.

Avinoam Nowogrodski

Board director & advisor The founder of numerous successful companies, specialising in SaaS businesses. Angel Investor in start-ups, Consultant to investors and advisor to companies on ways to scale their business