Work and Travel programs for employees

Things COVID has proven

  1. The job you were told couldn’t be done remotely can be done remotely.
  2. Remote work doesn’t decrease productivity and saves time on the commute.
  3. Employees that experienced remote work are keen to maintain this comfort.
  4. Companies that practice remote work perform better during unexpected events.

Attract exceptional talents

Retain your best employees

Lead the new way of work

More and more emloyees are working from abroad

  • Location dependent
  • Location independent
  • Work and travel

Developers are leading the trend

  • developers
  • content writers
  • E-commerce
  • consultants
  • project managers
  • graphic designers
  • video editors
  • other

How can companies benefit from using our product?

  • Start to manage the trend - save time and effort on facilitating hiring abroad, and eliminate all risk.
  • Recruit Top Talents - offering HubRoad as a benefit or performance incentive helps our partners to recruit top talent and remain competitive within their industry.
  • Maximize the effect of work travelling - reduce attrition and Increase employee loyalty, getting improved commitment and more appreciation to the organization.

What does HubRoad DO?


Facilitates hiring abroad - dealing with legal aspects of employing abroad, visas and insurance.


Enables the employee to fit in immediately at any destination - connecting to the right people.


Matching destinations and experiences to employees’ needs based on our community knowledge.

Pricing Model

HubRoad charges companies with a fixed monthly payment of $495 per employee using our services.